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We Can Make Your Life Simpler With Master Keys

Who has the time to always be fumbling around sorting through tons of keys? If you can relate, then you should consider getting a master key lock system installed.

Your Problems Solved

sugar land_master key lock systemMaster Key Lock Systems solve the issue of limiting access to a variety of secured areas at your business, without requiring multiple keys for those with higher security clearance. Landlords and businesses with multiple secured areas or locations find them extremely beneficial.

How Does This Help You…

At Sugar Land Locksmith Pros, our experienced technicians can create a system tailored to your business. We offer 24/7 availability, 30 minute or less response time, and upfront pricing.

But That’s Not All…

Our mobile technicians are trained in the latest security technology, and they are supplied with all the tools and parts necessary to complete any installation or repair. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, and offer full automobile, residential, and commercial locksmith services.

What Exactly Are Master Key Lock Systems?

They are a way of setting the tumblers in the locks around your business to control access. In setting up this system, each secured area of your business would have the first set of tumblers set differently so that only cleared employees with the right key can get into that area.

To Be More Specific…

With a Master Key Lock System, employees who are cleared to enter multiple secured areas would be able to use one key for all of those secured areas. How this works is that another set of tumblers could be set identically on all the locks in your business, so that all of the locks could be opened with a master key.

To Make It Simple…

Not having to carry a bunch of keys makes life easier!

The Many Benefits For Your Business


Landlords can have one master key that will access any of their rental units and have individual keys to give to tenants that will only access one unit.


Companies can give lower level employees keys that only access certain areas of the business, but managers could have one key that would access all areas of the business. Businesses with multiple locations could give each location manager a key for that location, but district managers could have a key that could access multiple locations.

Outside Contractors

Any business that hires outside contractors, like janitorial services, could provide those businesses with keys that only access certain areas. Contact us to have one of our experienced technicians set up a Master Key Lock System for your business.

Contact Us And Receive Top Quality Solutions Fast

Sugar Land Locksmith Pros can install and maintain your Master Key Lock System anytime. So contact us if you want repairs or replacements. We are a 24-hour locksmith. We are also available if your business needs an emergency locksmith for lockouts or repair of locks on your premises or on a commercial vehicle. We are licensed, bonded, and insured.

We offer:

  • 24/7 availability
  • 30 minute or less response time
  • Upfront pricing
  • Experienced mobile technicians with all the necessary tools and parts

We Love Sugar Land!

Sugar Land TX, is a diverse and family-oriented city just 20 minutes from Houston. It offers restaurants, shopping, and cultural and community events. If you are interested in relocating near Houston, Sugar Land is an ideal location. For new or established businesses in Sugar Land, our experienced technicians can provide all your commercial locksmith needs.

Get Ready…

Sugar Land will soon be a major hub for performers, cultural events, and entertainment. In January 2017 You will be able to visit the Smart Financial Center!

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