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sugar land_car fob replacementGot a car fob that’s not working or lost? The technicians at Sugar Land Locksmith Pros are at your service. The round the clock services we offer means you won’t have to wait to get a new or replacement keyless device for your vehicle. Our experienced emergency locksmiths are available throughout Sugar Land TX and the surrounding areas, and can handle car fob replacement or repair services faster than anyone else.

What You Get From Us…

We’re a locally owned company based in Sugar Land, offering full automotive locksmith services throughout the surrounding communities. We service all vehicle makes and models, both foreign and domestic.

Everyone Always Asks If They Need To Bring Thier Car Somewhere

Not when you call us! Since our car fob service is mobile, our technicians will come directly to your location, even when it’s at home, at work, alongside the road, or in a parking lot, and you won’t have to deal with the hassle of going to the dealership.

We’re Pleased To Offer:


Assistance from a local team that knows the area well.


Accurate estimates with no hidden fees once a job is complete.


Twenty-four-hour services 7 days a week, even on holidays.


Licensed, bonded and insured professionals for your peace of mind.


Thirty minutes or fewer response times for when you need help fast.


High-quality work with the latest tools and equipment.

But That’s Just Part Of The Story…

It’s not always possible to bring your vehicle to our location, especially if you’ve lost keys or a key fob is broken or not working. Our knowledgeable team is trained to handle all types of vehicle key problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. For your added peace of mind, you’ll always know when we are expected to arrive and how much it will cost before any work is done.

Do I Always Need To Call A Professional?

Not Always! Remote keys are fairly durable, but there’s always the possibility of something not working as expected at the most inconvenient time. While we’re glad to provide emergency locksmith service if you’re in a bind, consider the following solutions before calling us.

Save Time And Money By Trying Our Quick Tips First…

Problem: My remote key isn't responding when I press it.

Try This…

Check to see if the battery needs to be replaced. Remote keys use a small battery that has to be replaced occasionally.

If you can’t remember the last time you changed it, it’s worth a try.

Problem: My remote key no longer functions with my vehicle.

Try This…

If you can tell that the remote key is at least responding but it’s not functioning with your vehicle anymore, it may need to be reprogrammed.

Check your manual, but if you can’t reprogram it yourself, don’t hesitate to call us and we’ll get it done.

Problem: I've lost my remote key.

Try This…

See if you have a spare key fob. Some manufacturers provide an extra key since more than one person may be using a vehicle. Try retracing your steps or downloading a key finder app.

If none of these suggestions work, give us a call and an automotive locksmith will be at your service within 30 minutes.


Bottom Line…

From emergency locksmith service to keyless remote replacement, the team at Sugar Land Locksmith Pros in Sugar Land TX has you covered. We can also respond quickly if you’re locked out of your vehicle or not able to find your keys or remote entry device. Call today for more information on our local mobile locksmith services.

Importance Of Car Fob Service

The Ford Thunderbird and Mercury Cougar were among the first cars to have an early type of remote keyless system in the early 1980s. Today, such devices, referred to as car fobs, make it easy for vehicle owners to get into their car or quickly lock doors. The importance of these devices becomes clear when one of them is damaged or lost.

You Are Not Alone

No one wants to fumble around looking for the right key, especially when you are in a hurry or your hands are full of groceries. Regular old keys may be a thing of the past but when you need assistance with your car fob, you can always count on us.

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