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Protect your property with top-quality high-security grade 1 locks from Sugar Land Locksmith Pros.

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You’re sure to appreciate our assortment of affordable and durable locks and related accessories. We provide 24-hour full lock services in Sugar Land TX and surrounding areas; including new installations, replacements and upgrades, repairs and regular maintenance.

If You’re Like Most People, You’re Probably Thinking What Are High-Security Grade 1 Locks Anyway?

To Put It Simply

sugar land_high security grade 1 locksLocks that are designed as “high-security grade 1” are ones that have received the highest possible certification from the American National Standards Institute, an agency that issues performance standards for residential and commercial hardware. These are the strongest locks available on the market. Often used for commercial facilities, such locks can also be used to make a home more secure.

What Does This Have To Do With You?

We’re a residential and commercial locksmith company in Sugar Land TX with a reputation for offering high-quality products and prompt, budget-friendly local locksmith assistance.

Picture This…

Our licensed, bonded and insured technicians can explain the benefits of high-security locks. We also repair existing grade 1 locks, arriving within 30 minutes or less from the time you call.

But That’s Not All…

Customers also benefit from our:

  • Full installation service
  • Easy appointment scheduling options
  • Fast, affordable repair service
  • Upfront pricing and honest estimates
  • 24-houravailability

Still Not Sold?

Keep This In Mind

Security is an increasing concern today, especially for businesses. Grade 1 high-security locks are designed to stand up to both normal wear and tear and attempts to enter a building, facility or home without authorization. These locks can be a smart investment since they are designed to be fairly low-maintenance yet highly efficient and customizable.

Are There Grade 1 And 2 Locks?

You bet! There are three grades of locks. Grade 3 are residential only locks that aren’t of very high quality. Grade 2 locks are heavy-duty and designed for either residential or commercial use. Grade 1 locks usually have hardened steel inserts and other parts that minimize the risk of damage.

But Wait…. There’s More!

High-security grade 1 locks come in all shapes and sizes with the commonality being the extra security features. These high-tech locks also fall into varying price ranges based on your preferred accessories and added design features. Keys made for high-security locks are also crafted to be just as durable as the locks.


Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Grade 1 Locks

Can I repair a high security grade 1 lock myself?

The Experts Say…

Reinforced plates, bolts, screws and assorted internal parts make up high-security locks, which makes DIY repairs difficult to accurately perform; and doing such repairs will likely invalidate any manufacturer’s’ warranties.

Fortunately, we provide 24-hour emergency locksmith service throughout Sugar Land TX and nearby communities.

Do all locks in my home or business need to be high-security grade 1?

The Experts Say…

You can opt to install grade 1 high-security locks on main entry doors in your home or only on certain business or commercial doors.

While the decision is entirely up to you, our local team will gladly answer your questions and provide the info you need to make a decision that’s right for you.

Can I use a keyless entry system with these locks?

The Experts Say…

Absolutely! High-security locks are also highly customizable. You can add an assortment of features, including a keyless entry system for greater control over access.

Bottom Line

For quality commercial, emergency and residential locksmith services that won’t stretch your budget, turn to Sugar Land Locksmith Pros in Sugar Land TX.

Our mobile team of experts will arrive in 30 minutes or less for service requests to minimize your downtime and restore your peace of mind. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a local expert.

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