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We can all agree…

Access control systems are a great way to keep your commercial property safe, but they can be a hassle to install and maintain.

Luckily, You Can Count On Us To Make It Simple And Easy

Trust is important when choosing a commercial locksmith company. This is why Sugar Land Locksmith Pros is the name you can depend on when your access control systems need to be maintained, repaired, installed or replaced. Because your business doesn’t always run on a nine-to-five schedule, we provide 24-hour locksmith service in Sugar Land TX and surrounding areas. Plus, we’ll be there within 30 minutes or less from the time you call!

How You Can Benefit

You’ll be working with a reliable local business based in Sugar Land TX. We’re a 24-hour business offering a wide range of commercial and emergency locksmith services to all types of businesses and organizations in need of attentive service from a licensed, bonded and insured team.

Not To Mention…

Being local means many of our trained technicians live and work within the communities we serve. Customers often prefer us because of our:

24 Hour Availability & Service


Honest estimates and friendly assistance

Fastest response times of 30 minutes or less

Upfront pricing with no hidden fees

Get The Best Access Control System For Your Business When You Call On Us

sugar land_access control systemWe install and maintain control systems designed to limit access to physical parts of a facility, both internally and externally. Such systems require some type of authorization, either in the form of a code or through the use of a swipe card or similar pre-coded device.

How Our Installation Process Works

  1. Determining how the system will be accessed
  2. Programming the desired code and access prevention features
  3. Setting up either a single-phase or two-phase verification system
  4. Coding the system to record specific data, such as the date and time of each entry and exit

Prevent Security Risks With Our Repair Experts

If your system isn’t working, you’re instantly vulnerable to security risks. Fortunately, our emergency services mean you won’t have to wait long to get your system back up and running.


Our local technicians are available around the clock to respond to urgent repair requests within half an hour of being contacted. We’re able to repair all parts of an access control system, including biometric readers, locking devices, the power source, keypads and internal components.

Troubleshooting Access Control Systems

If you’re in need of access control repair, we’ll be more than happy to assess the situation and take care of the problem. Before giving us a call, consider our suggested fixes. If you’re still not having any luck, we’re here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Try This…

Check to see if the power source was somehow disrupted or if the wall switch was accidentally turned off. Check any other wiring that’s visible for signs of damage or wear.

If there are signs of damage, call on one of our professionals to fix it since DIY electrical work isn’t recommended.

Try This…

Check the card or wireless key they may be using for signs of damage. On systems where a code has to be entered, confirm they are using the right code. If so, try changing the master code.

Note: When changing the master code, all employees will need to use the new code.

Try This…

This is an issue with your settings.

Check the manual for instructions on how to change the duration of the door lock release timer.

To Sum Up…

When quality matters, choose Sugar Land Locksmith Pros for your commercial locksmith needs. Whether it’s access control installation and replacement that’s on your agenda or repair work is your top priority, we’ll get the job done quickly and affordably. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or request emergency assistance.

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